Coaching Staff



Total Years Coaching: 7
High School: Central Bucks West High School
College: Ursinus College
Major: Exercise and Sports Science
Player Experience: CB West 2002-2005 Team Captain, Ursinus College 2005-2009 Team Captain
Coaching Experience: Hatboro-Horsham High School 2010-2012 (Special Teams Coordinator, Defensive Line, Offensive Line)
New Hope-Solebury High School 2012-2015 (Defensive Coordinator, Special Teams Coordinator, Linebackers, Offensive Line, Strength and Conditioning)

Jeff Thompson

Total Years Coaching: 9
High School: Hatboro-Horsham High School
College: Wilkes University
Major: Biology
Player Experience: Hatboro-Horsham High School 1998-2002, Wilkes University 2002-2006
Coaching Experience: Hatboro-Horsham High School 2011-2014 (Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Quarterbacks, JV Head Coach)
Keith Valley Middle School 2008-2010 (Head Coach, Offensive Line, Defensive Line)
Mother of Divine Providence 2008-2010 (Offensive Line, Defensive Line)

Joe King

Total Years Coaching: 9
High School: Pennsbury High School
College: Monmouth College
Major: Business Management
Player Experience: Pennsbury High School 1986-1987
Coaching Experience: Hopewell High School 2003-2004, (Wide Receivers, Speed and Agility)
Central Bucks East High School 2009-2012 (Defensive Backs, Wide Receivers, JV Head Coach)

Matt Pirolli

Total Years Coaching: 4
High School: William Tennent High School
College: Kutztown University
Major: History
Player Experience: William Tennent High School 2008-2010, Kutztown University 2010-2013
Coaching Experience: Assistant Receivers Coach Kutztown University 2014

William Navarre

Total Years Coaching: 20
High School: Wilson Area High School, Easton, PA. – 1970
College: East Stroudsburg University - 1974
Major: B.S. Health and Physical Education
Player Experience: Wilson Area High School – 1966-1970, East Stroudsburg University – 1970-1974
Coaching Experience: Coatesville H.S. 1975-1976 (Wide Receivers, Secondary), Delaware Valley College 1977-1979 (Running Backs, QB), Lenape Middle School 1998-2000 (D.C, Linebackers, Running Backs), Central Bucks West H.S.2001-2004 (JV – DC, Varsity – Secondary, Wide Receivers), Central Bucks East 2005-2008 (Special Teams, Secondary, Wide Receivers), Pennridge H.S. 2010-2013 (QB, JV-Head Coach).

Tom Daly

Total Years Coaching: 14
High School: Cherokee High School
College: Temple University
Major: Organizational Development
Player Experience: Cherokee High School 1988-1991 Team Captain, Rowan University 1994-1997
Coaching Experience: Bishop McDevitt High School 1998-2001 (Linebackers, Running Backs), LaSalle College High School 2002-2004 (Defensive Ends, Linebackers). Audubon High School 2005-2008 (Linebackers, Running Backs), Camden Catholic High School 2009-2011 (Linebackers, Running Backs).

Ryan Lynady

Total Years Coaching: 3
High School: Notre Dame High School (New Jersey)
College: Ursinus College
Major: Exercise and Sports Science w/ Teaching Concentration
Player Experience: Notre Dame 2005 - 2009 Team Captain, Ursinus College 2010 - 2014
Coaching Experience: Players Assistant Coach Ursinus College 2014 (Punters, Kickers, Wide Receivers)

Matt Hess

Total Years Coaching: 10
High School: Germantown Academy
College: Susquehanna University
Major: Mathematics
Player Experience: Germantown Academy (1999-2002), Susquehanna University (2003-2005)
Coaching Experience: Susquehanna University 2006 (Assistant Offensive Line), Germantown Academy Middle School 2007-20013 (Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator), Valley Forge Military Academy 2014 (Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Assistant Wrestling Coach), Wissahickon High School 2015 (Assistant Head Coach, Special Teams Coordinator, Offensive Line, Defensive Line), Germantown Academy Middle School 2007-2013 (Assistant Wrestling Coach) 2007-2016 (Head Coach Track & Field)

Brian Haupt

Total Years Coaching: 11
High School: Hatboro-Horsham High School
College: Shippensburg University/ Gwynedd-Mercy University
Major: Psychology/Secondary School Counseling
Player Experience: Hatboro-Horsham High School 1997-2000 Team Captain, Shippensburg University 2000-2001
Coaching Experience: Hatboro-Horsham High School 2009-2013 (Offensive Line, Running Backs) Keith Valley Middle School 2014, 2007-2008 (Offesnive/Defensive line). (Track and Field) Hatboro-Horsham High School 2016, 2007-2010 (Throws Coach), 2011-2015 (Head Coach Girls Track and Field), Clinician Shippensburg Throws Camp 2004-2015.

Alex Smith

Total Years Coaching: 3
High School: Wissahickon
College: East Stroudsburg University
Major: Criminal Justice
Player Experience: Wissahickon High School, Senior Captain, NFLHSP 1st Annual Lineman Challenge Player

Kelvyn Ramirez

Total Years Coaching: 5
High School: Elizabeth High School (NJ)
College: Kutztown University
Major: Secondary Education
Player Experience: Elizabeth High School 2000-2003, Lehigh Valley Cardinals/ Storm 2009-2012
Coaching Experience: Football: Raritan High School 2013-2015 (Running Backs/ Defensive Line), Phillipsburg High School 2015-2016 (Offensive/ Defensive line), Broughal Middle School 2016-2017 (Head Coach/ Offensive Coordinator), Assistant Basketball Coach: Raritan High School 2013-15/ East Hills Middle School 2016-2017, Head Track and Field Coach: Hazlet Middle School 2013-2015


Mark Sturgeon

Total Years Coaching: 27
High School: Cowanesque Valley High School
College: Mansfield State 1982
Major: Criminal Science
Player Experience: Cowanesque Valley High School 1978-1981, Mansfield State 1981-1982, Philadelphia Ridge Raiders Semi Professional 1982-1983
Coaching Experience: PW Spartans Keystone League 1983-1991 (DC/HC), Abington Raiders Pop Warner 1992-99 (DC), LV Indians 2003-11 (HC/OC). Lenape MS 2011-14 (HC/OC). 2014-15 CB East Freshman Coach.

Bill Donahue

Total Years Coaching: 16
High School: Archbishop Wood
College: Bloomsburg University
Major: Education
Player Experience: Archbishop Wood 1981-1985
Coaching Experience: Romans Football CYO 1989-1995 (Defensive Line, Offensive Line) Warrington Football 2003-2004 (Defensive Line, Offensive Line) Lenape Valley Football 2005- 2011 (Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Asst. Head Coach) Unami Middle School 2011-2012 (Offensive Line, Defensive Line)

Gabriel Shults

Total Years Coaching: 1
High School: William Tennent High School and Central Bucks West High School
College: Lycoming College
Major: Criminal Justice, Philosophy and English
Player Experience: CB West 2008-2012, Lycoming College 2015